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About Us

The Northern Ireland UFO Society is a non-profit organisation founded on the 6 April 2013, by Christopher McMurray and Jamie Smale to serve as a platform for UFOlogists, enthusiasts and researchers in Northern Ireland to meet, discuss and investigate UFOs & ET's.

We noticed an absence of such a society in Northern Ireland . It was with this in mind, NIUFOS was founded. But although we're based in Northern Ireland, membership is open to all nationalities, religions and creeds. Politics is left at the door and we won't engage in promoting any political point of view.

We aim to investigate, review and publish UFO reports after we receive and stumble upon them. We stress the importance of not solely viewing the subject of UFOlogy from a rational, scientific, materialistic point of view, but acknowledge the spiritual and metaphysical side too. We believe it is important to view UFOlogy from all possible angles with an open mind.

A Close Knit Team

Today NIUFOS has a handful of members from all walks of life who all share similiar interests.


Our members meet up several times a year to discuss Society business  as well as our varied interests, to socialise and unwind and of course to discuss recieved reports and to watch the skies.


Not only are we a platform for someone to meet others whom may share similiar interests; or are just curious about UFOlogy and other related phenomena, we're an ear to talk to if you've seen or experienced anything unusual.


With a neutral atmosphere, our members who may wish to talk about something unusual or share their interests in the paranormal can do so freely and openly.

Some of the NIUFOS Team in Donegal, Republic of Ireland

Together, our members form a knowledgeable team, drawing from their individual expertise in their respective interests, which we feel makes us unique when it comes to UFO groups.

Our Mission

NIUFOS aims:

  • To promote the awareness of the existence of extraterrestrial life throughout the universe, in various dimensions, and to raise awareness of the evidence left behind from their visitations throughout history

  • To promote the 'Ancient Astronaut' theory and their possible involvement in our creation

  • To promote the idea of the existence of different dimensions in the universe and on earth, allowing for the possibility of the existence of living, intelligent beings in different dimensions and realities

  • To research UFO encounters, evidence and claims. Investigate reports and to deliver an honest assessment to the public

  • To teach and learn from others about UFOs, ET's and other related information such as conspiracy theories regarding aliens in modern and ancient times

  • To teach and research the spiritual side of UFOlogy and aliens and to promote their message of peace and to distinguish alien activity from 'demonic' activity. (Entities of negative energy from lower dimensions)

  • To study crop circles and their formations and to analyse and interpret possible messages within them from a logical and spiritual perspective.

  • To endeavour to research, investigate and discover ways to make contact with extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings

  • To campaign and petition our governments to reveal to the public what they know about extraterrestrial visitations and to share their technology with humanity


Society Structure

NIUFOS structure is designed to be streamlined to aid efficiency of management while keeping it simple and enjoyable for everyone.

The anatomy of NIUFOS is primarily in 2 parts:

 1.The Committee - Responsible for the general management of society business

 2. General Membership -  All other members and investigators

All members can enjoy our social meetings and watch nights and all have the opportunity to handle and investigate any reports that we may receive

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