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01/ FAO Committee

NIUFOS Christmas Dinner 2020

Around the time that our Committee have our AGM and if the COVID-19 Crisis rules permit it, NIUFOS should aim to have a Christmas Dinner for all members plus guest if desired.

Christmas Dinner would be an evening event, but if it's more convenient, we could have a Christmas lunch instead.

02/ Project


In order to boost interest in NIUFOS and UFOlogy in particular, perhaps we can look into holding the 1st ever largest UFO watch. A joint venture where people are encouraged to head out and look up!

03/ FAO All Members

Signing of the Charter

As the Charter has now been composed and finalised, in December there could be a simple ceremony where we sign our charter into NIUFOS. What do you think?

04/ Thanks


Chris would like to convey thanks to the committee members for sacrificing their time a few weekends ago to help with the formation of the charter.

Another thank you to Jonny Porter for his advice on Trademarking and net domains.

Rodney Murphy
Committee Member
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