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Hello everyone, My name is Conor & I’ve been an enthusiastic member of NIUFOs since around 2018, where i had reached out to the group seeking some support and guidance towards my UFO encounters I was experiencing. My sightings were becoming frequent and I caught a lot of them on video. I have always had an interest in scary things and the supernatural. I always believed in the ufo phenomenon and found keeping an open mind key to seeing them with my own eyes. Over the past couple of years I feel like I have been better educated into UAP, and how easy it can be to mistake a ufo just as easy as it is to spotting one. sattelites, stars & drones can all be misleading but you will know when you are experiencing an encounter, it usually leaves one in a state of awe or fear, you’re not quite sure what your looking at, and the abilities of these things are beyond anything we can comprehend. I will continue to research the phenomena with the team and think it will be more accepted within society and mainstream culture as time progresses.

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Conor Kieran
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